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Short Stories

Vitality Free Minizine October 2014

Dragon Testing by Joana Hill

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Vitality's free minizine was released in October 2014. It includes around 30 pages of poetry, prose, and art, and is a great example of the kind of thing Vitality is about.

Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Envy

I Wish by Joana Hill

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Envy can either drive us to be better or sink into self-pity and resentment. It can make us miserable and petty, or be the driving force behind positive change.

From cavemen to immortals and ghosts to valedictorians, the characters of our stories know what it’s like to want and not to have. How far will each one go to posses what they covet?

The Seven Deadly Sins Anthology explores yet another deadly sin. Sixteen authors. Sixteen stories. One theme: Envy. This is the third volume in our series.

Keeping Secrets by Joana Hill

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A short look into the life of a young man as he sorts out his first love.

Ghost Town by Joana Hill

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To get ready for college, Jessie decides to go to Lake Horn, where a town was evacuated for a dam release and flooded over half a century ago, to take pictures. There are stories about it, that there are ghosts haunting the town, though Jessie doesn't believe them. Will she change her mind when she gets down there, or is it nothing but a photo op?